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The Star 18th March 2016

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STRUBENS VALLEY – Dean Garzancich is a man on a mission when it comes to auctions and professional valuations.  He started with auctions about 10 years ago and it has been one of his big passions ever since.  “I used to be an aircraft instrument technician before the auction bug bit me.”

Garzancich worked himself up until he became a director at Rand Realty in 2006.  “It was time to spread my wings and I formed my own auction house called Realty Arena in 2010.”

Since then, it has been his goal to open an auctioning house that gives each of their clients individual attention.  “That is why we are a boutique auction house by choice merely because of the one-on-on client interactions.

He also became a chartered appraiser to the High Court of South Africa and he added that this shouldhelp him to assist you in your professional valuations or advise you on distressed property management.

Realty Arena’s offices are located in Strubens Valley and you can feel free to give them a call on 082 389 9777 should you need more information or assistance.